If you have overflowing cupboards and want to get rid of the countless clothes, shoes, toys, books, decorative objects (night lights, mobiles, garlands…) or childcare articles (sleeping bags, nappies, bibs, slings…), then you’ve come to the right place!

The process is simple:

  1. Send us an e-mail to vendre@toupetis.com with photos of the articles, adding the brand and size.
  2. If we are interested in your items, we will contact you to make you a proposal with the price at which we can take back your lot.
  3. Please note that we do not proceed like a deposit-sale, we buy the clothes in cash. We therefore take this risk into consideration, in addition to all marketing costs, VAT and other charges when establishing our purchase prices.
  4. Our purchase prices depend on the brand, size and collection. Below you will find some examples to give you an idea:
    ° Zara, Bout’chou, Obaïbi, DPAM, Tape à l’oeil articles : between 0,5 and 3 CHF (or depending on the collection and type of article)
    ° Petit Bateau, Cyrillus, Jacadi articles: between 3 and 8 CHF (or according to collection and type of article),
    ° Bonton, Bonpoint, Pom d’Api, Rylee & Cru, Tinycotton, Oeuf NYC (and other premium brands) articles: between 8 and 15 CHF (or depending on the collection and type of article).
  5. If both parties agree, prepare your package and we will send you a shipping label for the shipment of the package, bearing in mind that the shipping costs are at our expense.
  6. If you live in the Lausanne area, it is possible to drop off the items.

The conditions of purchase are as follows:

  1. Articles for children from 0 to 10 years old.
  2. Articles must be like new or in excellent condition (no holes, stains, wear marks, pilling, and in perfect working order for toys).
  3. The style of the clothes must correspond to what we are looking for (timeless, sober, classics (Liberty, marinière, milleraies, foam stitch, gingham, terry cloth, corduroy, denim etc…).
  4. The brands we are looking for (the list is not exhaustive): Jacadi, Petit Bateau, Cyrillus, Bonton, Bonpoint, Tartine & Chocolat, Bout’Chou, Poudre Organic, Pom D’Api, ShooPom, Zara, Nobodinoz, Izipizi, Numéro 74, Marie Puce, Emile & Ida, Rylee & Cru, Oshkosh, Bobochose, Cienta, Victoria Shoes, Red Castle, Liewood, Buho, Plan toys, Djeco, Haba…and many others 🙂
  5. We buy batches from 15 pieces upwards.
  6. We buy brands such as H&M, Kiabi, Baby Club ONLY in small quantities and ONLY if the lot is composed mainly of articles of the brands mentioned above.
  7. We do not take back underwear (briefs, socks), plush and big childcare articles (pram, baby chair, high chair…).
  8. We do not take back luxury brands (Burberry, Baby Dior, Gucci…).

As soon as we receive your parcel, we will check the articles and if it turns out that they do not correspond to our quality charter, we will contact you to agree on the best solution between the two following possibilities:

  1. Return the items to you (shipping costs at your expense),
  2. Give them to an association of our choice.

Methods of payment:

1) Bank transfer to the details you will have sent us within 15 days after receipt of the articles,

2) Voucher on our website (we offer you an extra 10% on top of the prices we would have offered you for payment by bank transfer).




Your articles must be in excellent condition.


From 0 to 10 years (50 to 140 cm).


We mainly purchase clothes or shoes but also toys, books and baby gears. 

Would you like to entrust us with your articles? Be reassured, we will do everything to give them a second life, so send us your photos to: vendre@toupetis.com