The Bex salt mines

At the salt mine “He-hi, he-ho, come home from work …” was singing the seven little dwarves as they came back from the mine … Well we decided to play the game and discover the Salines de Bex on the paths of our childhood! For once we had almost organized ourselves; we had booked the tickets the night before (we will come back to this later), we seemed so ready for this Sunday excursion, although we discussed that Saturday with the children but …. We started our journey like any good parent who respects himself running around the house because we went to bed a little late; juggling between the panties of the big, the sweater of the little one, the dad who goes to the supermarket emergency to get bread to make sandwiches and prepare a small picnic for everyone. We were ready to leave with just 5 minutes behind the unrealistic but ideal program that we had to follow to arrive in time for the start of the tour. From Lausanne you have to count an hour of car leaving the highway in Bex, then following the signs or losing you a bit like us because Dad came from the region. It is crazy like thirty years and some after you always pass flying over the mountain to arrive safely! So gentlemen to your GPS or so prepare the nerves of madam and lose a little while passing through the sawmill, the Saline treatment plant, a few laces in the mountain, the crossing of a groom and his horse and finally the access ramp to the day trip. After a smooth parking behind the train station, we wait just before the guide comes to pick us up to start our tour. We feel the excitement of all the children and grandchildren that we all stay at the idea of ​​being able to take place in the little train that will take us far to the bottom of the mountain … Well you will see we pass in front of the entrance of the gallery, next door and we walk on a path under an arbor on the side of the mountain and we enter a small tunnel (really very tight but I think it’s to get used to what we will live thereafter!) and there the magic operates! Strangely the pathological claustrophobic that I am does not feel too oppressed and supports without a hitch the train ride in a narrow tunnel. And then ???? I would really love to tell you point by point what we saw throughout the visit but if I did this I would take away some of the magic of the place. It is up to everyone to create their adventure, to imagine all the things that could have happened in these mines, how they were discovered (I loved this passage with the story of the creek …), the journey in the little train, the different places, instruments, bottomless wells or caverns that you will discover throughout the 45 minutes of visit that you will live! But we can not resist showing you some pictures that we did during our trip to make you want to go there with your little ones … Photos And finally comes the time of the return in this little train which was the thread of our trip. We leave our head full of memories of the past and the present and the desire to come back soon (Halloween next year maybe)! But before leaving us small stop at the shop to buy their caramels at the tip of salt (good luck not to succumb to it), the caramel paste that our son will put two days to finish on his morning slice of bread and some herbs who will be able to come to decorate our dishes. We had a great time, so if you are not too far or want to discover a part of our history, we advise you to stop and enjoy this amazing place! What our little wolves liked: • The trip by little train • Walk with the different sets of light that highlight the places • Machines • Caramels And since they did not complain for a minute, we assume they loved it! Practical questions: We leave you the link to access their website that allows you to buy your tickets online with a discounted rate for the moment and especially to discover many things about the Salines de Bex. Attention il vous faut vous y prendre à l’avance car il y a des horaires de visite (gare aux retardataires, on est en suisse au pays des trains… !) et un nombre de visiteurs définis car le nombre de places dans le petit train n’est pas infini. Have fun, enjoy the discovery and good tasting! Button :

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