“The bane of the ripped jeans”

The one who tore her hair!

No, I don’t offer destroyed jeans today, but rather to talk about the global threat represented by: 

«  The bane of the ripped jeans ! » 

The origins of the pain

2 jeans in 2 days ?… not economical at all, really not at all, all this! 

Our 7-year-old son loves football and at every break it’s the World Cup in Russia, Qatar and South Africa reunited on a 15-minutes session …. As a result: Well it would be necessary to explain to them that to celebrate their goals by trying to slip on the knees like Cristiano Ronaldo or making the Hugo Lloris‘ desperate plunge of the death (to end up taking it between the legs anyway), it doesn’t work!

Except to skyrocket the shares of the companies producing Bepanthen, Mercurocrome and Sparadrap!!!

However, they are wonderful and we must let them express their footballing creativity.  As one of the author (who probably doesn’t have any child!) of benevolent education books would push for!

The problem is that between the books and the jeans, well my account in the bank takes the water. And it is the ruin assured if we do not find a solution with the big child that can be his father!

So him, no, but him really … Between the bursts of laughter and the sparkling eyes when my son tells him the failed bicycle or the double-rake (that really exists or it’s just two rakes welded together to pick up the dead leaves in autumn ????).  And the fact that he already imagines his son playing at Camp Nou for FC Barcelona and the golden retreat that his son will assure him!

I go astray, but they make me crazy these two when they start !!!!

Solution drafts…

1. We put his skate protections like that no risk of injury and the pants are saved!

Bye bye Bepanthen and Welcome Decathlon! There the issue is the hysterical father who can’t help coming out of this store without buying anything! But this is not the purpose of this post and we would still be here tomorrow if we start…

So the problem is to make sure that he will not forget to put them and saw the short time available and well it is not won!

Conclusion: FORGET IT, let’s move on and got to the next one my love!

2. We stitch patches on his knees and like that the snags are not on the fabric and we change them when it’s well smashed! Practical, effective, game over,! He felt so proud until…

I almost started to cry! And the style my dear husband, the fu… style!

I spend time searching, finding, digging the most beautiful pants, jeans or jogger pants on my different sites to match them with the perfect t-shirt and sweater that changes everything and he talks to me to stitch a patch … !!!!

Conclusion: FORGET IT and if he continues to waste our time suggesting stupid ideas, well it is not the jeans of the little one who will ruin us, but the DIVORCE alike “War of the Rose” !

Okay, we stop the old references and we try to focus on a solution!

Reason has spoken or almost!

We are lucky to have a grandma who sews very well and repairs us as she can what is repairable! Well it looks a bit like what a doctor would have done on a battlefield of the Secession war: vamp or amputate!

Without laughing sometimes we made shorts in jeans or bermuda shorts, which by the way are very cool! It helps to avoid the mess and throw them (#zerowaste).

But hey, we’re not going to end up with an army of shorts in his dressing because we don’t all live in Hawaii and drive a ferrari like Magnum (you see his tiny little jeans short right there?)! 

The botch on the other hand, you can be sure that 2-3 weeks later, the hole or rather the crater would reappear!

We thought for him to wear ripped jeans thinking that after 2-3 abrasions at the knees, he would understand … Her mother’s heart can’t resolve itself, we love his pretty knee too much! And anyway it wouldn’t stop him because in the heart of  action, he will never think that it will sting in the shower afterwards. And that he will howl like a slaughtered pig to put a bandage and cover the wound. Last but not least of course don’t put any water on it because otherwise it’s the end of the world!

There you smile behind your screen, because we have all experienced this shower scene of the great wounded who screams to death …


So we tried several brands and last winter I found the competition jogger pants at Jacadi! We know it’s 2 to 3 times more expensive than Gap or Next, we conceive it, but no hole … The fabric is slightly scuffed, a little thinned but not punctured! Be careful not to dream anyway if he decides to go tobogganing on the playground it will hold the time it holds, but otherwise he can go to war with it or almost! 

And now…?

Conclusion by buying much more expensive pants, we still have made savings and in our way saved a little bit of our planet! 

Now we have to find a solution for jeans! We love the cuts at Zara or H & M that are perfect for his little chicken legs but even when they are 100% cotton, with elastane, without spandex or polyester, the knee doesn’t resist! It is time to find THE brand that will not make us regret having been relieved of a kidney to offer it! 

So if you have a brand to advise us or a tip we are all heard and look forward to reading your comments either on Instagram or at the bottom of this page!

One last thing before we leave you alone, we swear: Our little daughter is only 3 years old, so it’s too early to know if the problem will be the same … But you, the  older damsels‘ moms, please reassure us:

“You don’t know the bane of the ripped jeans, eh ??! “

See you soon and do not hesitate to send us topics you would like to discuss because between parents we understand each other. It’s always reassuring to read that others are in the same galley and that idyllic and perfect situations, it only exists in the movies!

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